Astrohenge live dates

25th September - Bull & Gate, Kentish Town w/Xmas Lights

11th October - Spatchcock 7, Manor House,  w/ Nitkowski & Eduard Soundingblock

18th October - Cambridge Arms, Colchester w/ The Kuru Smile, Burn The Witch

28th November - The Unicorn, Camden, w/Krampusz & Thumpermonkey & Necro Deathmort DJs





Astrohenge have a DVD out on the 28th August.  It's an animation by Douglas Pledger (Melvins Fantomas DVD), and has an exclusive soundtrack by Astrohenge.  The soundtrack is mixed by Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Tool, Big Business, Mike Patton) and can be bought at Astrohenge shows.


I am featured on the forthcoming d_rradio remixes album, coming out October 3rd (?!) on Distraction records.  Also featured are such lovelies Port-Royal, Piano Magic, Cathode, The Matinee Orchestra, Manual, Populous, Juxta Phona, Depth Affect,  Manual, and OffTheSky.  As usual the lovely Distraction chaps will be bunging the whole thing on Last FM for free download.


I have got a new project with AJ Cookson (Medes/Sol Invicto) called Necro Deathmort.  We have just finished an album, which will be available to download for free somewhere.  The album is a mixture of drones, brutal electronics, and experimental doomy atmospherics.  Check the Myspace for details.


The Melvins/Fantomas DVD is out now in shops.






I'm very pleased to announce the imminent release of the Melvins/Fantomas DVD on Ipecac Recordings.  I filmed the gig they performed in London in May 2006, with demented genius Douglas Pledger.  I also restored the sound, which was no mean feat, as the sound on the desk recording was diabolical.  After months of fannying around with all the sound from the various cameras, etc, I finally managed to get it sounding as The Melvins should sound...heavy.  I also did lots of weird sound design on the menus, etc.  This is a massive honour for me, as The Melvins have to be my all time favorite band in the cosmos.  The DVD features a commentary with Buzzo, Dale, and...errr..Danny DeVito.  Yes, that Danny DeVito.  Slated for August 26th release, I suggest you prepare yourselves for it...


Astrohenge are playing plenty of gigs around and about.  Check our Myspace for dates.


The new album by Tom Mansi & The Icebreakers is out now.  I make an appearance on the track, Make It Up To You.  The album is a blinder, and has been slated by those feeble minded, trendy fools at the NME, so you know it must be good.






Happy new year to all (if any) reading this.


Couple of bits of news.  In The Hands Of The Gods has been released on DVD, and can be obtained from the normal places one buys a DVD.


I've started a new band, called Astrohenge.  This is a different sounding affair to The Matthew Rozeik Ensemble, which I have put into 'hiatus' for the foreseeable future, and is the band I will be touring with all through 2008 and hopefully beyond. Come and see us live, we promise to crush you all...


Other projects for 2008:  A collaboration with drone upstart Stray Ghost, more soundtrack work, an appearance on the Tom Mansi & The Icebreakers album, another d_rradio remix, and some horrific noise.





Well, I've not been able to update the site for a bit, so lets all ignore the massive chronological gap...


In The Hands Of The Gods, a film I composed the music to, is out in cinemas across the UK.  The film also features tracks by Coldcut, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Roots Manuva, Akira The Don, and Souvaris.


I have contributed a track to the 100m Records compilation 100m001.  Many thanks to the dee-lovely, dee-licious Mary Anne Hobbs, for playing my contribution (March Of The Snowmen) on her BBC Radio 1 Breezeblock show.  The album can be purchased HERE, and lots of other places.





Nothing happened in February...


Thanks to everyone who saw me play in Leamington Spa on the 10th.  Was much fun, and I learned a lot about the Victorians...


I'll be playing Wreck Eleven with Trencher, Chik Budo, Akira and twentysixfeet, at Punk, Soho on the 29th April.  Should be a mighty fresh show.


Photos from December's gig can be found HERE





Happy New Year to you all! Here's to 2007 being the least wang year so far...


Apologies to anyone hoping to see me play Wreckfest with Trencher, Optimist Club, Akira and twentysixfeet.  Due to problems with the venue, the event was cancelled.  Hopefully, we will all be playing together sometime in the future.





November was pretty boring, so lets pretend it never happened...


Thanks to all who came to the show with Nic Nell and Achrid.  Nic and Achrid were both excellent, and everyone had fun and got a little drunk.  More private gigs planned in the new year, so stay tuned.  Thanks also to Wilf 303 for persevering with the worst set of decks in the history of man, and Ylid for the sweet crooning and scarf-rocking.





Highpoint Lowlife records have just released Analog For Architecture


Featuring Fisk Industries, The Marcia Blaine School For Girls, Production Unit, Izu, Mandelbrot, Calika, Rose And Sandy, The Village Orchestra, Tigrics, Bovaflux, Marshall Watson, Like A Stuntman, n.Ln, Matthew Rozeik, randomNumber, Achrid, Si-cut.db, and weighing in at a behemoth 1.7 hour of music, his release is only available through the award-winning, and is only a measly 7.99!


I have a very limited amount of tickets for the private show with Achrid and Nic Nell.  Email me if you are interested in reserving a place.


Finally, a mention must go to Sweden's Library Tapes (Resonant) and the superb Yellow 6 for getting me onstage to make some noise with them for the finale of their show at the Bull & Gate.





The private gig in Old Street was amazing - thanks to everyone who came.  There will be another one in December - email me for details.


I have done a remix of d_rradio's fantastic "Out Of Love" 7", and it is available for free from Distraction Records


Photos from live gigs are now up.  Go HERE to see the horror...





Thanks to all came to see me play Truck Nine - I had a wicked time, and met some lovely people.  Thanks to d_rradio for playing a blinder and just being generally lovely geezers, and of course comrade Ylid for outstanding service in the field of...well, loads of mud actually...


Couple of new reviews up.  There is a rather nice one by the those crazy transatlantic cats at Losing Today magazine.


Finally a big kiss to Mary Anne Hobbs, who played 'How Do I Find You' from Van 111 on her BBC Radio 1 Breezeblock show.





I have a track due out on a Sound In Silence compilation.  Cheers to Absent Without Leave for putting it out.


Featuring exclusive tracks from: Arbol (x-Piano Magic), Televise (x-Slowdive), Port-Royal, Epic45, Jukka Reverberi (member of Giardini Di Miro), Kimonophonic, July Skies, Gnac, Ylid, She Moved Through The Fair, August Stars, Schengen, Lope, Matthew Rozeik, Hey Marla, 2L8, The First Aid, Sigmatropic and Absent Without Leave.


There will be only 200 hand-numbered copies, each one special packaging.  My track has someone beating up a grapefruit...





Tickets are now sold out for the Truck Festival 2006.  Come and say hello if you make it there.


Van 111 is now available as a download from Bleep Simbiotic Store eMusic and Playlouder.


Not much (good) news to report, but several interesting collaborations are in progress...





There is a rather nice review of Van 111 in the current issue of The Wire magazine.


Apologies to anyone attending Wreck 5 on the 28th expecting to see me.  Due to circumstances beyond my control I had to cancel the show.  Hopefully the live show will be back on the road in the next couple of months.


My Resonance FM mix will be available to download from here asap.  This will be a gremlin-free studio version, and not the one that was broadcast.





I will be appearing on the Small Pieces show on Resonance 104.4 FM.  Hosted by Thorsten Sideb0ard (Highpoint Lowlife), I'll be doing a live dj set, and there'll be the usual banter and exclusive music.


Couple of reviews in for Van 111.  This from Smallfish records:


"A tasty pairing here on Static Caravan's lastest limited edition release. The blend of Matthew Rozeik and Ylid is potent to say the least and there's a great deal of pleasure to be gleaned from this little beauty. Using an organic Electronica style, both artists convey a sense of depth and warmth in their tracks whilst keeping a healthy amount of experimentalism in place. At times it could almost be a slightly more potty Animal Collective and at others it's more of a sweeping, crunchy classic sound which would be at home on Cactus Island. Whatever... these tracks are superb and very engaging and this release comes highly recommended"


And this from Norman's records:

"Something else good is this new CD by Matthew Rozeik and Ylid on Static Caravan which comes in well sexy packaging and is limited to just 300 copies. Be quick cos those limited Static Caravan things never hang around....This is lovely clicky electronica which occasionally hints at being orchestral but the melodies are startlingly good. Check it oot mon. Hoots mon.... Frickin brilliant."




Matthew Rozeik & Ylid - Van 111 on Static Caravan Recordings is available to order now.

Limited to 300 only, with beautiful custom gatefold packaging,  this one is going very fast.  Available now through Static Caravan Recordings, a small number of copies will be available through Norman Records, Rough Trade, Smallfish, Amulet, Tone Vendors and White Noise. 

Order your copy


There will be a special screening of a work in progress by director Dominic Hailstone with music by Matthew Rozeik Friday 24th Feb.  Friday Late Transvision @ the V&A Museum, (South Kensington) also features Light Surgeons, Phillip O'Dwyer and Trevor Jackson.  Admission is free.  Details here

I will be promoting Van 111 with Ylid at the North Sea Navigator/Little Sparta/My Ambulance Is On Fire launch at the Cube, Bristol 18th Feb. 

"Oh Lord, Please Give Me Another Brain - Reinterpretations", featuring reinterpretations by Ylid, Bauri, Nadir, Richie Phoe, Maps and Diagrams, d_rradio, Yellow 6, die Baader-Meinhof Gruppe, The Boatswain, and AJ Cookson will be available to download very soon.


Matthew Rozeik 2006


Melvins Fantomas Big Band

Live In London 2006

Ipecac Recordings

(Ipecac DVD 2008)












(100m Records)


Featuring new Matthew Rozeik track 'March Of The Snowmen'











Analog For Architecture

(Highpoint Lowlife)

1.7 hours of music, featuring:

Fisk Industries, The Marcia Blaine School For Girls, Production Unit, Izu, Mandelbrot, Calika, Rose And Sandy, The Village Orchestra, Tigrics, Bovaflux, Marshall Watson, Like A Stuntman, n.Ln, Matthew Rozeik, randomNumber, Achrid, Si-cut.db










Oh Lord, Please Give Me Another Brain: Reinterpreted


Featuring tracks by Ylid, Bauri, Nadir, Richie Phoe, Maps and Diagrams, d_rradio, Yellow6, Tom Mansi, die Baader-Meinhof Gruppe, The Boatswain and AJ Cookson


Available to download now from











Matthew Rozeik & Ylid

Van 111 - CD

Out now

More info HERE









Matthew Rozeik & Ylid

Split - 3" CD

Out now

More info HERE






Various Artists

Stop, Look, Wave - mp3 download

Featuring Bauri, Maps and Diagrams, Sense, Ylid, Hulk and Matthew Rozeik

Listen HERE